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It is full of fine illustrations, & many of them are in glorious colour.

Much as I would like to, I should not scan examples from Michael Gibson's volume.

And I have located other words which further explain the process also.

First published in May 1935 & republished in October 1939. So I had hoped to commence the page with a description of what the word 'lustreware' really means.But with no indication of exactly which particular pottery was represented. Even that, to a non-expert in the field of pottery has proved to be amazingly difficult.Maybe one from Stoke on Trent, my Sunderland 'reporter/researcher' Andy Dennis thinks. I have accessed a vast number of WWW sites to try to obtain an understanding that would permit me to explain here exactly what 'lustreware' is, but so far with limited success.So the imagery on the pages may grow slower than the text! All of which gave Sunderland a competitive advantage for a great many years.Establishing which specific pottery produced which particular piece, is quite beyond my ability, so I will not attempt to indicate that detail unless my source so indicated. In the 1850s, a tariff was imposed upon pottery shipments onto the continent, which did not help re exports but maybe more importantly Sunderland's advantages with access to the sea were much reduced by the coming of the railways.

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So below, as time goes by, I will show images that perhaps are acceptable - from say expired e-Bay items.

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  1. Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. This sleep diffused itself over all her limbs, and she sank down in a deathlike stupor.