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One fantastic byproduct of this latest Clive and Julianna rendezvous is Phil getting the notion that he’s so lethally sensual he can single-handedly give his wife a heart condition.

(And that the doctor refuting this theory can only indicate that the doctor doesn’t go for guys.)Ultra Libidinous Claire is here for the second time in just a few episodes, dying to get into Phil’s pants again.

She is also the co-author of Your Orgasmic Pregnancy: Little Sex Secrets Every Hot Mama Should Know (Hunter House, 2008), as well as the writer of 3 "Sensual Fusion Essentials" e-guides on Feng Shui, Reiki, and Energy and Breath.

"Everybody who I did not create, get out of my house right now” is our weekly reminder how much this show’s writers love catering to Phil. Nice move, Gloria takes a wardrobe cue from Claire and it’s officially Silky Outfit Night.Phil nosebleeds all over himself and Claire, giving us a visual homage to his We’re only a third of the way through the episode and suddenly we’re getting the kind of tender moment that only comes before the credits. Wait, where have all the other family members been? The baby’s "being a reall Pritchett" (ha), Lily is visiting for the day, Manny’s romantic streak is blinding him from understanding that his parents are trying to do romance to each other.Bonus to this plot: Gloria talking about how she’s genuinely attracted to Jay, something we never see in movies and shows where glamorous women are paired with dumpy and/or old and/or chunky and/or obese men. so much drilling” is a highlight of the almost nonstop innuendo.Idaho has, over the years, greatly expanded the number of web cams.Between the ever-increasing number of ski area cams, as well as the nice selection of Idaho Road Cams, a viewer can pretty much take in much of Idaho now.

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