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She made several appearances in Home and Away, the soap opera, during a decade-long screen career – credentials which have helped to propel her to the heart of Edinburgh's political and cultural establishment.

Her on-screen presence and international background may see her put forward increasingly as a “face” of the SNP.

Natalie Mc Garry’s boyfriend David Meikle is a proud unionist and a Conservative.

Drew Hendry, the leader of Highland council, was aged a young teenager in 1979 when a successful vote for devolution of Scotland was ruled out on a technicality.

The vote was 52 per cent in favour of devolution compared to 48 per cent but it was not enacted because of a rule that at least 40 per cent of the full electorate had to vote yes. “I was about 13 or 14 and I just remember the unfairness of the 40 per cent rule.

After his selection as the SNP candidate for the 2015 election, he said: “Our communities evidently want to live in a fairer Scotland and I now have the challenge of working to ensure that the Westminster parliament starts to listen and recognise the issues affecting ordinary people and ordinary families in the far north of Scotland.

"We strive to ensure that not only is our voice finally heard at Westminster, but that UK policies are focused on our local economies are developed and jobs, wealth and opportunity are finally brought to all of our communities." Tommy Sheppard (Edinburgh East) Although the comedy club guru has made a career from making other people laugh, he has also shown a tendency towards using insults to further his staunch Republican credentials.

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During the Royal Wedding in 2011, he tweeted “off with their heads”, and added: “This might be a good time to declare a provisional government”.

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