Consolidating excel workbooks macro

To maintain optimum concentration, it is advised that training does not exceed 2 hours a day.Please contact us should require full day training.Format: xlsm Macros: Yes Size: 24kb Download: Instructions: Click here DV0063 - Dynamic List With Blank Cells If a list contains blank cells, the usual formula for creating a dynamic named range does not work.

This ensures no group pressure, flexible training and the freedom to set the times of your training.

Lookup lists are in named ranges on different sheet.

Format: xlsm Macros: Yes Size: 61kb Download: Instructions: N/ADV0066 - Data Validation - Contains Text Type one or more letters in column B.

Our Creative Minds® Computer Literacy Courses are created in-house and are carefully mapped to the latest official unit standards set by the SAQA.

DV0072 -Data Validation Combobox - Add/Sort -- Click a cell that contains a data validation list, and a combobox appears -- font size can be set, more than 8 rows displayed, autocomplete can be enabled.

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