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Some plans may refer to the "allowable amount" as the "maximum allowable amount"; these terms have a similar meaning.

The physician inserts a rigid or flexible tube with a tiny camera, called an arthroscope, under the skin to diagnose and/or repair joint problems.

Balance billing is a type of healthcare billing that occurs when an out-of-network provider bills a plan member for the difference between the out-of-network provider's charge and the amount paid by a member's benefit plan for the out-of-network service, and this difference exceeds the member’s defined liability from the Plan.

This means that if the defined out-of-pocket for the member was 20% of the provider’s charge and the member pays more than 20% - not due to a deductible application – this is a balance bill.

A bridge is created by inserting a false tooth (pontic) in the gap supported by crowns placed on the teeth that are on either side of the pontic (false tooth).

(They are also known as abutment teeth.) The bridge includes all of these parts.

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