Dating site trolling in minecraft

I'm not gonna make an account on that other forum, but Melody just posted this: " I know you really want Carmen’s update as was advertised, and I’m sure you’re not the only one.

It would make no sense for Rob to keep such beautiful content from being released, doing so would not benefit him in anyway.

But Carmen’s update has been lost, due to no fault of his own.

Only time will tell if her content can be recovered.

It's from the "scrapbook" section at Glory Hole Swallow.Perhaps he’s selling portions the site and content rights to focus on other stuff and the delays are just the results of boring low drama legal back and forth before the site opens?I doubt they’ll reply with a source, they probably just dropped the grainy pic of some thin brunette with ballerina in the filename just to stir the pot after ftvx blueballs pt 3 (or is it 4 now? I also agree, her ass is a bit too plump to be Claire’s, old or recent. If it’s her it had to be very old, her hair has been short since before her marriage. Ass looks a little bigger than what we've seen before but that just could be cause she has gained a little weight over the years.Is there any scuttlebutt from industry-attuned people in AZ on the reason for FTVX’s perma-delay?Data loss/randomware sounds simple on its face but I doubt Rob had years of his raw video and photo footage sitting around on a constantly connected PC ready to get hacked and I also doubt he didn’t keep his raw data in some sarcophagus of a fire safe.

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Description: "This is a private video Claire sent me a while ago showing me how she gets herself off.

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