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’ Yes, well, that’s because you were with your boy.” Dating for two is difficult; dating in a crowd is downright complicated.I just want you to know that what happened crosses a hardline boundary with me” When people enforce their boundaries vigilantly while dating, ONLY people with a high probability for success will ever end up exchanging wedding vows with one another. That means boundary enforcement during marriage rarely rises to the level of causing divorce. And that means many of us find ourselves in shitty relationships where the criteria for being willing to walk away from the relationship can’t be the same as that of the unattached dater with options. Two people vigilantly enforcing their dating boundaries are WELL PREPARED for the kinds of unselfishness and communication necessary to thrive. There’s a fundamental difference between two people who are dating, and two people who are married. To choose love each and every day regardless of how inconvenient it might feel. Our marriages are shit today because the younger, dumber versions of ourselves didn’t know what we didn’t know. Because I’m a hack writer (or possibly just because every single person on earth hasn’t read or doesn’t remember all of my posts), our conversations about boundaries are getting gray and cloudy like a sucky winter day in Cleveland. The best thing I’ve ever read on boundaries was written by Mark Manson (who coincidentally released a new book this week AND graciously agreed to a Q&A with me which you should obviously read). Like when the sun comes out during the rain and gifts you a sweet rainbow to frolic on, or how God doesn’t strike me dead when I order groceries online and an underpaid high school kid loads them in my Jeep for me curbside while elsewhere deserving people starve.

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With more than 40 million men women online looking love, there are bound be some scam artists out there 11 rules after divorce.

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