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Only the Sorcerer could now stop the darkness, so they must find him.He exists "far, far" from there, and he goes by the name of Merlin. It attacked Regina, and when Robin was prevented from saving her, Emma realized the only way to save Regina was to tie the darkness to herself.

She vowed not to let him die alone, but she looked to the rest of the town for help, and to warn them that they were in danger.Emma shared that she had just watched the man she loved die, but she was "too scared" to ever tell him that she loved him. Once they got there, however, Rumple wasn't having any of it and was set on keeping this world.He fought Emma as Regina opened the door to the church where Robin and Zelena were getting married.Elsewhere, the Author was captured by the dwarves, who brought him to Snow.She spared his life when he revealed he knew she lost her true love and promised to help her get revenge on Regina.

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The Apprentice (Timothy Webber) said they could try capturing his dark essence into the Sorcerer's hat, but that it would be a risk.

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