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I could easily find another cunt sucker, a lot of my friends insist that women are better at pussy licking anyway, but I like boys, boys with balls. But I enjoy men, especially the accouterments hanging between their legs. Her dress slipped open to her waist exposing her bare pussy. In fact, I'd say you ate it up." I had nothing but fifties left in my wallet. Then he shrugged, stuck them in his pocket, and scurried to open the door for Gina.

To find another guy who'd let me use his balls as my private sex toy, another guy so well trained, so stoic that he'll take my ball biting as hard as I like it, well, that would take more time. Most guys are such wussies when it comes to their balls; they're just no fun at all. I don't intend to castrate you, if you're good, at least not yet." Gina laughed again at her equivocal reassurances. He gave her the ultimate sacrifice, the definitive submission. The boy took Gina's extended hand, and, leering straight into her fully exposed, naked cunt, he stuttered, "G... S...good to see you again." Gina let him get a good long stare. The boy boy's face was a goofy caricature of disrespectful lust and twisted bewilderment. Julio smirked and backed away from me as I trailed Gina into the restaurant, mortified, embarrassed by the pound.

This will take control on your part, so concentrate. Repeat the rules." I looked at Gina, bowed my head casting my eyes downward. I am to bow to you before and after speaking." I looked to Gina. I tried to concentrate on the road as tears welled in my eyes—tears from the overwhelming, but denied need for sexual release; tears from fear of the dreadful Anna, fear of strangling my cock and balls, fear of where these fierce women would lead me—and tears of gratitude for Gina's cruelty. In sharp contrast to Gina's menacing leather ensemble Anna wore a graceful, almost prissy pastel dress.

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Now my cock throbbed, engorged at the thought of Gina betraying me to her giggling friends. " "Oh, poor baby, do you think they are going fall off? Then you would have to be my worthless little eunuch wouldn't you? "Oh, please do, but I drained him this just this morning, so him give a couple of days to get back to full volume. Ok, we're almost there, so please send Julio to the car.

I fretted over the numbness of the heavy lump hanging between my legs. I deferentially waited for a break in her phone calls and asked, "Gina, please excuse me, but is it really safe to leave my balls tied up so long?

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