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A result soon comes, and Sgt Plimmer of the Essex police, provides the information.

A man named Redding, with an address in King's Cross, has been arrested in a stolen car containing some of the proceeds from the safe blowing.

5.19 A Hole in the Head Joey Beeble (Aubrey Morris), a tramp, finds a human skeleton in the Epping Forest. Dr Penton finds some granite dust and gunpowder on the clothes and in the hair of the skeleton.

Graham Crowley (Andrew Faulds), a sculptor, is called in to reconstruct the man's features, and a photograph is taken and circulated.

ITV bought the films and screened them in the 1960's.

Details of the thirteen 35 minute stories: 1 The Case of The Studio Payroll (Cinema release date, with #2, Jan 18th 1954)- with Jack Watling and Susan Stephen.

Lockhart and Baxter visit Mrs Grace Begg at her home.

She tells them that the dead man's name is Rinaldo Sarto. She had become friendly with him, but her husband disapproved.

But John Kendall (KH) soon realises the company is just a cover for a more sinister business, and he is framed for the murder of his employer.A report on the gunpowder is received: it is known as black powder.Lockhart thinks Rinaldo might have blown a safe just before he was murdered, and checks on recent safe blowings using this method.Joe's premises are searched, and police find odds and ends of jewellery settings, and an automatic pistol.The settings are identical with some stolen in the safe blowing, though the gems have been removed.

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