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At first, her mother had been unsure about letting Amy read the book, thinking – because it was about a school for witches and wizards – that it was evil, or had bad things in it which Amy, at eight years old, might not be ready for. This one she’d read many times but she was so fascinated by the world it created in Amy’s head that she reread it frequently: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. She pictured herself like her favorite character: Hermione. School is important and you need to go.” It was the same answer mom gave every time Amy asked to stay home. And you’ve got to pass fourth grade to get into fifth. ” “I know all that, Mom,” Amy said, almost whining with frustration. There really IS something in here.” “Well, maybe it’s just a little mouse and if it is, it won’t hurt you. She lay there in bed quietly thinking about the sound, about Mrs. When the police got involved, they did a full investigation. ” Her mother came right up and together they stood in the middle of Amy’s room, silent and still, as they both listened. “Amy, I know you don’t want to go to school tomorrow, and I’d love to let you stay home, but you need to go. “You’ve got to get a good education, sweetheart, and even though third grade might not be so much fun, you’ve go to pass it to get into fourth grade.

You can pick it up again when you come tomorrow,” Mrs. She was always kinder to her when Amy’s mother was around. She was totally engrossed in her daydream when suddenly, she felt something tickle the bottom of her foot.

Wake up, eat stupid turkey bacon with her eggs, go to school, listen to Janie cry, try to avoid Mary Kate and Joey, plus make sure she stayed on Mrs. Amy told her about the story she’d read and assured her mother she wouldn’t have nightmares. Sterling and the stale cookies, though she’d told her mother that before. Sterling, the more she wished she were anywhere else. Amy thought it sounded like a lie, but she was only eight and knew better than to accuse her elders in such a way. These were the thoughts which distracted her as she sat there, homework forgotten. Remember how Tippy kept sliding around on the floor and her nails made that tapping sound? “Listen harder.” They both were silent for a while, but no sound occurred. “Maybe it was one of the trees scraping the outside of the house? Amy fell forward with a thump as whatever had hold of her ankles dragged her quickly under the bed.

But if it continues, or gets worse, I want you to tell me. ” “Yes, ma’am.” The next day was very much the same. Over an easy supper of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, they talked about lots of stuff. Her mother had a couple of scheduled days off so Amy didn’t have to go to Mrs. Amy, who wasn’t scared of much, was beginning to be a little afraid of her babysitter. Her hair had begun to fall out in big patches and she’d started wearing a hat or a bandana even around the house. Amy wanted to be concerned for her, but truthfully, the more time she spent with Mrs. Sterling said she’d just purchased a new batch of mothballs for the front hall closet so her coats and things wouldn’t get eaten up by moths. ” “Mom, remember when Aunt Bev came and brought Alex and Tippy? The instant her bare feet hit the floor, something grabbed her by both ankles and yanked, hard.

I mean, who teaches third grade kids using a walker? It was dark inside and had wooden paneling on every wall and there was a plastic thing covering the carpet all the way from the front door to the kitchen. They were only interesting because they looked like snowflakes, but otherwise Amy could see no real use for them. Sterling used them to display her collection of silly little porcelain mouse figurines.

It was quiet there and she liked the smell of the books. Hill should have retired, like, twenty years ago, Amy thought. When the door opened, Amy could smell the familiar scent of…well, she didn’t really know what it was but it reminded her of old people and attics. Putting the book aside, and bringing her head back down from the clouds, looked over the side of the bed to see what it could be.

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