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This was the time of my interest in biochemistry and plant pharmacotherapy. These projects included quantitative identification of ascorbic acid in fruit juices, and its catalytic decay due to traces of copper in aluminum alloys (typical cooking dishes of that time).

During vacations, I worked on some projects in the Research Institute for Pharmacy and Biochemistry (VFB) newly built in front of our house in Kouimsk street, in the department headed by Prof. Another project was the extraction and ultraviolet-fluorescent quantitative identification of ether extract of ergot alkaloids (ergotamine, ergotoxine, etc.). And I exercised piano, playing not only classics but also Czech jazz compositions by Jaroslav Ježek (such as Bugatti Step), and his songs (especially blues) with Jiř Voskovec & Jan Werich, in that time almost forbidden by the communistic regime (therefore hardly obtainable).

Since the 1980s he has regularly worked with Věra Chytilová, who often casts him in the lead roles of her "moralistic comedies".

Polívka received his second Czech Lion for his role in the 2000 film Musíme si pomáhat by Jan Hřebejk.

In 1969 he co-founded Divadlo Husa na provázku (Goose on a String Theatre) and became one of its leading personalities.

In 1993 he founded his own theater, Divadlo Bolka Polívky (Bolek Polívka Theatre) in Brno.

After I returned from the hospital, my mother almost put an end to my alchemist laboratory...Their working relationship continued amicably up to 2000, but an acrimonious dispute erupted over legal ownership of the "kingdom". It accused Harabiš of making unlawful profits from Polívka as "King Boleslav".The kingdom's name had been trademarked by Harabiš. The film was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.Bolek Polívka presents his own television shows - Manéž Bolka Polívky (Bolek Polívka's Arena) and Bolkoviny, both shown on Czech Television.

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