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If you have any recommendations for information/news/etc. For immediate reservations or assistance, a Choice Hotels representative is available now.Shannon and Brewer are accused of putting Castelli in a choke hold during a fight on July 20th on the grounds of a commercial plant grower just northeast of Ottawa.Shannon was originally charged with involuntary manslaughter and was arrested in September in Cerro Gordo County.Thoughtful gifts made to Memorial Funds help AFSP continue to pursue its mission to one day live in a world without suicide.

There will be NO school for PK students on this date.

The state has released the 2017 Iowa School Report Card information.

This web-based tool provides a snapshot of every Iowa public school's performance on certain educational measures, such as student proficiency rates in math and reading, student academic growth, narrowing achievement gaps among students, college and career readiness, student attendance, graduation rates and staff retention. This notification provides families with automated phone calls, emails and text messages for notifications from the school district when school is being cancelled, dismissing early or having a late start.

This publication was very well received by the staff and was shared with the School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC).

This committee recommended the district share this news with the families and community, SO here is the first community news edition of . Please feel free to share it with friends and family members who may not be on our email listing.

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These announcements can also be found on the district's website ( and social media pages ( City CSD/ or Mason City Community School District) (and on Twitter @Mason City MCSD)..

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