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i created my interior thoughts as a means of production for the corporation that owned the board i was posting to, and that commodity was being sold to other commodity/consumer entities as entertainment.

that means that i sold my soul like a tennis shoe and i derived no profit from the sale of my soul.

people who post frequently on boards appear to know that they are factory equipment and tennis shoes, and sometimes trade sends and email about how their contributions are not appreciated by management.

as if this were not enough, all of my words were made immortal by means of tape backups.

it is a black hole; it absorbs energy and personality and then re-presents it as spectacle.

people tend to express their vision of the mass as a kind of imaginary parade of blue-collar workers, their muscle-bound arms raised in defiant salute.

proponents of so-called cyber-communities rarely emphasize the economic, business-mind nature of the community: many cyber-communities are businesses that rely upon the commodification of human interaction.

they market their businesses by appeal to hysterical identification and fetishism no more or less than the corporations that brought us the two hundred dollar athletic shoe.

the difference is only a matter of the method and degree.

it is fashionable to suggest that cyberspace is some kind of where people are free to indulge and express their Individuality.

some people write about cyberspace as though it were a 60′s utopia. major online services, like compuserv and america online, regular guide and censor discourse.

almost every discussion in cyberspace, about cyberspace, boils down to some sort of debate about Truth-In-Packaging. in its silence it shows itself to be an expression of the mass.

one might question the idea of silence in a place where millions of user-ids parade around like angels of light, looking to see whom they might, so to speak, consume.

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