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But the I don't think the guy has even gone through puberty yet, or did he!?

Jan and Ran looked up to see the sign, and it was true.

She gave one to Jan, then the two started drinking their juice. Ran kept turning her head toward where Ryu was, but Ryu kept hiding. " Ran wondered what Jan was talking about."You know, Nikiniki in here." Jan pointed to his chest."The heart? Ran wondered if Jan was talking about what she was thinking he was talking about.

"That woman and Jan are quite friendly towards each other." Ryu growled.- -Jan was sitting on a bench, and Ran came over with two cans of juice. If we have to fight the Rinjyuden with you in such a state, then we might lose to the Zowazowa." Ran drank her juice. "She's even talking like Jan." (Wonder why Ryu is acting like this)Jan stopped drinking and just held his can of juice. "Because of your Wakiwaki training, I haven't felt Ujauja for a long time.""Is that why you're training like you do? Both of them drank their juice, while Ryu watched attentively, especially glaring at Ran threateningly. "I may not be able to tell what you're thinking about, but I'm not sure I want to know." Ryu said a little worried. "Ran, what does a person do when they feel a little Nikiniki in here." Jan held his chest."Eh?

Really surprising that neither Jan nor Ran heard Ryu. (Ryu is immortal, hehe.)- -(Now that ends that part! (Refer to Geki Jyu Revival and Mirai Ken) Len was older now, and he wore a red jacket alongside a black shirt with white pants and of course had a face that resembled a certain ex-villain. " Jan cried out in pain as Ran pulled Jan out by the cheek. Earlier that day, Jan and Len decided to climb up a really high cliff that they found and Lian was with them. " Lian asked looking towards Len."Yep, that means that they care for each other. "You've never seen Master Jan hit Ran or the other way around have you? "Then that means that they really care for each other. They'll make up soon enough."Then Ran sighed, and released her grip on Jan's cheek. "And of course, I don't really want to keep bothering Master Jan and his family.""Oh that's not a problem." Ran said as she helped Lian peel some shrimp."You can stay with us any time you want." Jan said."Thanks for the offer, but I really don't want to be a bother, what with Grandpa kicking me out and all." Len said this blushing in embarrassment."Why did your Grandpa kick you out? "I dyed my hair."Ran, Jan, and Lian were silent, then the three of them started laughing. "Grandpa even said that if he was younger, then he would beat me badly.""Hey, be glad that your Grandpa is still alive." Ran giggled while saying this. "I just hope Len is ready."- -Next day, the Jan, Ran, and Lian were there to see Len off. " Jan asked, himself not really remembering why."I think it's because Len is quite a persuasive person." Ran replied to Jan. "Excuse me, pardon me, ooh, watch it please." Len kept running, even had to jump over a big guy.

I thought that's what everyone does to who they like.

The day was quite windy, a perfect time for Jan to do what he wanted.

"Wonder what he's up to today." Ryu said as he watched Jan, who was standing near a temple of sorts. Heck, Ryu wondered how that certain Cheetah Ken user even got good just catching leaves.

practices can be quite different from those common in the for-profit business world, so this session will delve into the realities and challenges of worker co-op H.

Topics covered include the results of a study of common worker co-op H.

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