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New currencies, based on recent cryptographic advances, would undermine traditional fiat money, seizing the cash nexus from the grasp of the state.

‘Mix networks’, where everyone’s identity was hidden by multiple layers of encryption, would allow people to talk and engage in economic exchange without the government being able to see.

Sites such as the Hidden Wiki provide unreliable treasure maps. This hidden internet is a product of debates among technology-obsessed libertarians in the 1990s.

They publish lists of the special addresses for sites where you can use Bitcoin to buy drugs or stolen credit card numbers, play strange games, or simply talk, perhaps on subjects too delicate for the open web. These radicals hoped to combine cryptography and the internet into a universal solvent that would corrupt the bonds of government tyranny.

Like the pirate republics of the 18th century, this virtual underworld mingles liberty and vice.

The network is used by dissidents as well as dope-peddlers.

If you live under an authoritarian regime, Tor provides you with a ready-made technology for evading government controls on the internet.

On the hidden internet, by contrast, people do not know the true identities of those who want to buy or sell.‘I want to do tons of business but I DO NOT want to be scammed.

I wish there were people who were honest crooks’This creates a problem for all parties.

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However, in making a market he found himself building a micro-state, with increasing levels of bureaucracy and rule‑enforcement and, eventually, the threat of violence against the most dangerous rule‑breakers.

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