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The majority of Caucasian Urum speakers are bilingual in Russian (93%), most of them are also competent in Georgian (83%), and they have intensive contact with Pontic Greek speakers in Georgia, who are considered to be homo-ethnic (see details in Section 2).

Hence, we are dealing with a multilingual profile involving very different languages.

In Georgia, the Urum people settled in several places in K'vemo K'art'li, in particular several villages around the lake of Tsalka as well as in Tetri Tsqaro and Dmanisi.

Historical sources mention 6,000 families that arrived in Tsalka and Akhaltsikhe at the end of the first Russo-Ottoman war (see Sideri 2006: 56).

The second dimension refers to the culture-specific properties of individual contact situations.The ex­hib­i­tion space we were giv­en al­lowed us to at­tempt full-scale ex­per­i­ment­a­tion with these tools.Con­se­quently, the pub­lic was con­fron­ted to a mo­nu­ment­al draw­ing, typ­ic­ally in­ten­ded for far-away view­ing, without the pos­sib­il­ity to step back in the ex­hib­i­tion space. The mur­al’s con­cep­tion made it pos­sible for our ima­gin­a­tion to merge with his­tor­ic­al ele­ments linked to the cur­rent situ­ation in Greece, like these un­ex­plained col­lect­ive phe­nom­ena.The transfer of linguistic entities in situations of language contact follows particular trends that may be generally subsumed under two dimensions.The first dimension refers to cross-linguistically established asymmetries with respect to the likelihood of borrowing for particular types of linguistic entity.

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