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New Philips Airfryer APP with recipes and tips Coinciding with the launch of this new model of the Airfryer family, Philips makes available the new free application for mobile and tablet “Philips Airfryer”.In it, consumers can access a wide variety of recipes to elaborate with Airfryer, useful tips and tricks, help, support and videos tutorials, among others, to know everything about this new product and its predecessors and get the most out of it .

The result is cooked foods simultaneously, without the need to turn them around, even when stacked.

The new “Philips Airfryer” APP is now available in Spanish and brings together over 200 healthy recipes to prepare step by step with Airfryer, with information on all the necessary ingredients, how to cook with the fryer and the time needed to make them.

The new Philips Airfryer with Turbo Star technology, model HD9621 / 90, has been available in Spain since September 2016. On the occasion of World Day of Physical Activity and Sport , held on Monday, the coordinator of the Sports Medicine Vithas Hospital Our Lady of America, Dr.

In addition, it incorporates a removable non-stick mesh, which just like the basket can be washed in the dishwasher and independently.

In just 90 seconds you can completely clean the basket and the mesh and have the Airfryer ready for reuse.

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