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Prior to omnibus-gitlab 7.3 it was not supported to use a web server other than the bundled NGINX, because the omnibus-gitlab directory layout prevented access to user uploads in the interest of security.

In omnibus-gitlab 7.3 we have changed the omnibus-gitlab directory layout and permissions to allow for non-bundled web servers.

Brown for their responsible disclosure of this issue.

The omnibus-gitlab packages provide a bundled NGINX web server which acts as a reverse proxy for Git Lab, and which also serves static files such as Javascript, CSS files and user uploads.

In addition to the updates from Community Edition, Git Lab Enterprise Edition allows assigning multiple LDAP groups to a single Git Lab group. Previously on a push that contained 1 thousand branches Git Lab would create 1 thousand workers.

This month's Most Valuable Person (MVP) is Robert Schilling for contributing zen mode, keyboard shortcuts and helping out on the issue tracker. That would take some time to process during which other background tasks would be queued.

For practical reasons, the socket used for communication between NGINX and Unicorn was moved from .

For more information about using a non-bundled web server with omnibus-gitlab, please see the omnibus-gitlab README.

This means that an attacker who can create a TCP connection originating on the Git Lab server could be able to modify or read user session data.

Git Lab is open source software to collaborate on code.

Today we announce the release of a new version of Git Lab Community Edition (CE) and Git Lab Enterprise Edition (EE), with new features, usability and performance improvements, and bug fixes.

You can link multiple LDAP groups to a single Git Lab group and give them different permissions.

This makes our LDAP integration much more powerful and flexible. Redis is an in-memory database used by Git Lab for asynchronous inter-process communication, cache storage and session storage.

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You can read more about the Git Lab API at doc.gitlab.com/ce/api.

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